Shadows: Price for Our Sins – Viva Media

Shadows: Price for Our Sins - Viva Media
Artists : Viva Media
Developer : Viva Media
Publisher : Viva Media
Genre : Action
Format : DVD-ROM
Platform : Windows 7
Release Date : 19/03/2013
UPC : 0838639011797
Features : Are you ready to party? A chilling night of reckoning is unleashed upon guests bold enough to party on Halloween at an abandoned farm house in SShadows: Price for Our Sins.Little does anyone know - but a demonic force will be crashing the event.When the partygoers game spirals out of control, a portal to a world of darkness opens to imprison their youthful souls. They soon join company with the rest of the cursed souls collected by the lord of darkness. You alone are their sole hope of rescue.Uncover hidden-objects, solve puzzles, and master mini-games across more than 80 challenging levels in this chilling mystery adventure from the makers of House of 1,000 Doors.A freakish fest filled with menacing mysticism awaits your arrival. That's of course, if you're not too afraid to RSVP.

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shadows price for our sins April 7, 2013

love this game it great and it was ship on time thanks you for your I love the game is great

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